list Websiteinstructions

Website explanations
1 Left Frame contains links to the right page.
2 To see description in right frame. Click on underlined objekt in left frame.
3 To see other information just click on an other link in left frame
4 If You click to our auction list. In other words when You view our auction catalogue there are sometimes links to photos of that lot. To view photo click on underlined text. This is the startprice in SEK. Then the stamp picture will open in new window.
5 To return to auctionlist click on "backwards" in Your browser. If You want to incease o decrease photo size use keys simultanously: ctrl and + , or ctrl and -
6 To go back to auction list from photo You can always just click in left frame again. This can take little more time than go back a page.
7 To place a bid You can send an e-mail or letter or fax. Click on "send e-mail to BJ" (Björn Jarlvik Filateli) in the left hand frame and a window for e-mailing me opens.
8 Welcome with Your bids.